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Are you looking to expand your customer base? Do you want to reach your target audience directly? One of the key challenges of any business is to promote its products or services to the right audience. Your business can only grow if it can connect with the potential customers by spreading awareness about the products and services it offers. And email marketing is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of spreading awareness about your business. Buy our email list today to promote your business without any hassles.

How does Datarac Creates High-Quality Email List Database?

Datarac provides email databases and mailing lists that can cater to the specific needs of your business. We follow a robust and streamlined process to create and manage email list databases. It involves the following:

  • 1. Curation – We collect information from legitimate and legal sources worldwide such as trade shows, conferences, seminars, magazine subscriptions, online subscriptions, online portals, SEC filings, new business filings etc.
  • 2. Analysis – The next step is to process the raw data that is collected and weed out unnecessary details and information. Our dedicated team of experts analyze raw data files and collect email addresses.
  • 3. Creation – The email addresses that are collected after analysing raw files are then categorised based on geography, industry and other factors to create customized email databases. These databases are then stored in secured servers while implementing the best of information security practises.
  • 4. Delivery – In the final step, we deliver the customized email list databases to our clients from around the globe based on the needs of their business. We provide access to databases of 30 million+ email addresses.

Why Should You Buy Our Email Database?

While buying email lists for your marketing campaigns, accuracy is everything and so it is important to opt for an email database provider that is authentic and offers accurate information. Given below are a few reasons why we are your Best B2B Email List Service Provider:

  • ● We provide 100% accurate email addresses through our databases.
  • ● You will get access to a 30 million+ Email Address Database.
  • ● Our email database is customized to meet the needs of all kinds of businesses.
  • ● We provide user our Email Lists which enables you to build a better brand image efficiently
  • ● You can also take advantage of our Mailing Service and connect with seasoned professionals in a hassle-free way

Purchase Target Email lists to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns

By purchasing a targeted email list, you can improve your email marketing campaigns and make them more effective. Email marketing campaigns are more cost-effective and offer higher return on investment compared to other forms of marketing. An accurate email list can help you meet the objectives of your email marketing campaigns with ease. There are several other benefits of purchasing an email database which include the following:

  • ● It will help your business in delivering messages that are customized to your target audience.
  • ● It will help you in reaching potential customers around the globe with minimal effort.
  • ● You can streamline the sales process by ensuring that the sales pitch reaches the target audience.
  • ● With the help of an accurate email list, you can boost your cross-selling campaigns and enhance revenue.

How does Datarac Provide Accurate Email Addresses through its Email Lists Database?

We gather our data from several industry-specific trade shows (worldwide), conferences, seminars, magazine subscriptions, online subscriptions, online portals, SEC filings, new business filings, annual reports, etc. We then add these contacts to our database after obtaining permission from them via telemarketing and email marketing surveys conducted by our global data centers. Our dedicated team of experts analyze raw data files and collect email addresses to ensure 100% accuracy of our database.

Grow Your Business ROI with Result-oriented Email List Database

Marketing campaigns need to be result-oriented for a business to grow and improve its revenue over a period of time. Through marketing campaigns, businesses can spread awareness about the products and services they provide, educate customers about offers and discounts and inform them about the factors that differentiate them from their competitors. In order to ensure that the marketing campaigns developed by your marketing team reach your targeted audience, you need to have access to the email addresses of potential customers. Hence, you need to purchase a result-oriented email list database like the ones we offer at Datarac.

With the help of the mailing list, you can create customized marketing campaigns that directly reach the inbox of your potential customers. Hence, the chances of making sales and upselling products and services will also increase. As a result, the ROI of your business will improve as your marketing campaigns will provide the results that you desire.


Select the Best Mailing List Service Provider to Empower Your Marketing Campaigns

In order to ensure that your email marketing campaigns do not fail, you should select the best mailing list provider. Hence, you should consider the following factors when selecting an email list provider for your business:

  • ● Look for accuracy and choose a provider that provides databases with accurate marketing lists.
  • ● Find out about the total number of emails included in the database before making a purchase decision.
  • ● Ensure that you get a favorable deal for the email database or else the cost of your marketing campaigns will rise exponentially.
  • ● Enquire if the email addresses included in the database are related to your field of business so that you can ensure that your email campaigns reach the targeted audience.
  • ● You should not compromise on quality to save some money or opt for quantity over quality as it will not be helpful in making your email marketing campaign a success.

Our client list includes

Our Client Testimonials about Targeted B2B Email lists


Great thanks to Datarac for the customized Health Care Lists. They delivered excellent results and ROI.



Sarah Taylor

VP Marketing

Targeted prospect list is crucial to connect with the right source, With Datarac's customized Technology Email Lists our revenue grown multi fold. We appriciate your effort and recommend Datarac for all types of Email lists and Campaigns.



Neil Lord

Head Product Marketing

Our platform being a digital marketing solution provider, a targeted prospect list is crucial to connect with the right source.



Jeniffer Cooper

Marketing Manager


  • How accurate is your database?

    Our databases are 100% accurate as we include only legitimate email addresses.

  • . How much does it cost to purchase email lists from Datrac?

    The cost will depend on the type of database that you need to purchase. You can email us at or call us at 561-331-4009 to find out more about our prices.

  • What kind of email lists do you offer?

    We offer email lists across industries and businesses such as healthcare, construction, mining, education, finance, insurance, real estate etc.

  • Do you offer appending services?

    Yes, we also offer the following appending services:
    ● B2B Database Appending
    ● Database Cleaning Appending
    ● Phone Appending
    ● FAX Appending
    ● Alternate Contact Appending
    ● Contact Name & Title Appending
    ● Address Appending
    ● Decision Makers Appending
    ● Reverse Appending
    ● SIC Code & Naics Code Appending

  • Why do businesses still buy email address lists?

    Businesses and marketers still buy email address lists so that they can readily get access to the email addresses of their potential clients. They can create tailormade email marketing campaigns and reach their potential clients without any hassle when they have access to email databases.

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